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Inside information
Leumi Bank signed on a huge car financing deal with Target Motors in Israel.
Recently, Bank Leumi which is one of the biggest banks in Israel has closed a huge deal with car importer "Target Motors" enabling them to offer car finance deals on unbelievable favorable terms. Target Motors is an authorized parallel importer of Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen and Skoda. As part of the deal, Target's customers will enjoy financing of up-to 100% of the value of the vehicle, on the exclusive terms of Prime + 0.6%. Under the terms of the agreement, customers of all banks, including Target Motors customers which bank accounts are managed by other banks, will also thankfully benefit from this. In addition to the low rates, the loan would also be outside of the customer's financial debt within the bank's credit line.

Car financing terms currently in use for the industry are Prime Plus 4 to 6 percent and are depending on the customer's credit status, while Target Motors customers will receive a loan of up-to 100% financing on Prime Plus terms of only 0.6%. This effectively means that the customer pays far less for the same vehicle at Target Motors than he would have with the official importers, the difference possible to add up to tens of thousands of shekels. In addition to the above Target Motors also offers car finance loans for foreign nationals too with up-to 50% discount off the Local market price. To take advantage of this financing benefit or student benefit and to find out much more, just visit the Target Motors showroom at 68 Yirmiyahu St., Jerusalem, or call 3594* and enjoy special and personal customer experience.